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Creating a relaxing and comfortable stay that makes you feel at home - that's the goal of hospitality groups. To meet the requirements of their guests, modern hospitality groups must incorporate connectivity capabilities that have become part of everyday life for most of their guests. High-speed internet, televisions and displays that support multi-platform streaming and casting have become the norm. Supplying these services on a larger scale can pose implementation, maintenance, and cost challenges.

Through a partnership with trusted telecoms and smart technology advisor 3BPlus and the renowned industry system integrator and support company, Smart Cable Technology (Smart Cable), LG directly addresses the need for a single entity, multi-supplier integrated connectivity solution in the hospitality market. This partnership focuses on providing customers with efficient, all-in-one Hospitality TV solutions (both hotel and leisure resorts) that meet and exceed requirements in the long term.

A shared philosophy and approach are essential when providing exceptional service alongside partners. When it comes to connectivity, building a future-proof solution that addresses the customer's immediate and future needs is vital for sustainability, both on a business level and a customer-provider relationship level. 3BPlus, LG and Smart Cable share this approach.

3BPlus works directly with the customer to define their needs and assess potential solutions. They act as a bridge between this customer and any suppliers, giving exceptional customer support. Once a solution has been identified, Smart Cable handles the implementation of technical aspects, whether existing infrastructure or new networking installations. LG provides the customer with the displays and televisions that they need, in this case, Hotel TVs.

Both 3BPlus and Smart Cable have extensive experience, making them ideal for directly addressing individual customer needs and requirements. This level of flexibility is key to success and excellent service.

A complete solution may go beyond high-speed internet and integrated streaming services, including EV (Electric Vehicle) charging units, air conditioning units, or lighting systems. The networks that 3BPlus and Smart Cable present and install are inherently modular, meaning that if in the future, a customer requires added capabilities, a complete upgrade isn't needed. This can save the customer money in the long term and forms a sustainable customer relationship built around continued service and support.

Jan Willem Blok, LG Electronics: "It is very important to do business with companies like 3BPlus and Smart Cable because they really know what they are doing. Selling a Hotel TV or another product is not just about selling a box. It's about providing a complete solution to the end-user."

LG Information Display offers digital signage solutions for various business environments, like government, corporate, and leisure. While this partnership focuses on the hospitality sector, particularly leisure resorts, the joint approach and its products can be applied anywhere.

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