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Service Request

The form below can be used for reporting a malfunction with regard to products for which "on site" 
guarantee/service of LG Electronics applies to. This applies to the products mentioned below. 

This form can only be used by LG Electronics Benelux "Business Solutions" customers/partners. 

Your service request will continually be monitored to provide you and/or your customers with the best possible service to resolve your service request.

Please fill out the form as complete as possible (fields marked by a * are required).

If screens are placed / hung / build in / etc at a specific manner then please provide us with some details about the placement using the field "Additional Remark".

Products for which "on site" guarantee apply are:

  • LED TV
  • Hotel LED TV
  • Videowall Monitor
  • LED monitor

(warranty terms can differ by product from country to country and product by product)

Service request form

Voor meer informatie over onze service- en garantiebepalingen kunt u de onderstaande bestanden raadplegen.